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Balance for Life

For years you have a serious weight problem; you are obese and you can not succeed in losing that extra weight. Sometimes you lose some, but the kilo's always turn back.You've tried so many things, but nothing seems to help. You are worried about your health and your future.You know that some things need to change but you don't know how. At Villa Balance you will find the solution with the "Balance for Life" programme. 

You will stay internal at Villa Balance for one month. You'll get exactly the nutrition and the training that you need and you'll be intensively coached so that you will be able to continue your new lifestyle when you are back in your own environment. 

When you look at people who have an addiction and they want to quit, they often go to a rehab clinic where they stay internal. People who are fighting against their obesity, until now had to solve their problem alone, at home. Strange, because breaking habits that are causing your weight problem is comparable with quiting an addiction. Maybe it's even harder because you can never stop eating. 

Obesity needs a very intensive approach and that's what we offer you at Villa Balance. You will stay exclusively at Villa Balance for the duration of your programme and you will break the old habits with the help of the best coaches in the perfect environment. After one month "Balance for Life" you'll get one year aftercare by online coaching and it's possible to come back at Villa Balance for one or more return weeks called "Stay Balanced" to make sure you won't relapse into your old patterns. "Balance for Life" offers you the solution for life!