Villa Balance

World's best  place to reach personal goals


The Villa Balance coaches

Top coaches Imro Beuk and Sandra van de Kamp and their permanent team of specialists from the Netherlands (Gilles van den Broek, Nicole Bul, Peter Hagel and Tessa Huijsmans) will welcome you in their beautiful villa at the Côte d' Azur in the south of France. 

Their many years of experience in coaching people in weight loss, lifestyle changes and body transformation at the highest level, made them want to create the perfect environment to help people reach their goals. 

In 2013 Sandra worked as a coach in the popular televisionshow The Biggest Loser Holland, where the participants were "locked up" in a monastery during their battle against their obesity. This was her first experience in coaching people who stayed internal and she found out the benefits of working with people this intense. 

All the things that the Balance coaches have learned and experienced over the past 11 years are brought together in Villa Balance. They have developed the most intensive, effective and complete formula for weight loss and shaping. They realized their dream to create the best solution for lifestyle change and with this they offer you your solution.